Importance of Punctuation Rules in Your Writeups

Importance of Punctuation Rules
In the schools, colleges and university students are supposed to write many things related to their field of study. Teachers are used to assign them many reading and writing tasks. They are supposed to read articles, books and research articles for the improvement of reading skills and at the same time they are also supposed to work on their writing skills. In writing they write essays, stories, assignments, paragraphs, articles and thesis. Teachers usually assign them these tasks to improve their writing skills and to build confidence in them.

Some students know how to write a good piece of an article or paper by hiring coursework writing services. They work hard to work on their writing material and to get good grades in their subjects. They try to copy the styles of different famous writers to work on their assignments. They also try to create their work in a very innovative and creative way rather then in a ruff and boring way. They also add many stylistic and literary devices in their write-ups like; paradox, personification, similes, metaphors, juxtaposition of two ideas and anecdotes. These devices nourish your write-ups and gives a perfect sense to your writings accordingly.

You see that you really work hard to exertion on your assignment and according to your point of view, your write-up is perfect, but in your teacher’s eyes, there are many errors and mistakes in your write-up. Your teacher notifies that you need to work on your punctuation marks. Punctuation marks are the very basic things that have been used by the authors and writers in their works like; novels, short stories, poetry books and other books. You copy your favourite writer and you imitate his/her style of writing. You write very well in your assignment, but the main issue is wrong use of punctuation marks.

If you are writing any draft and you are not using commas, question marks, apostrophes, brackets, semi-colons and full stops in your assignments, dissertations and articles. They will not give any sense to the mind of the reader. It will have no meaning. Rather, if you are writing something and you are wrongly using punctuation marks in your write-up, it will be of no meaning again. It will be senseless and meaningless. So you need to use punctuation marks in your writing material very wisely in a proper way. It’s very important for a student to know that how to use correct punctuation marks in their write-ups. There are different types of texts where you are supposed to use punctuation marks differently like dialogues and short stories.

For instance, if you are writing a dissertation paper or quoting some quote or verse from some authentic book of authentic writer, you are supposed to put inverted commas in the start and at the end of that specific quote. Similarly, if you are paraphrasing, you will use single quotation marks in your text. Mostly, students use a comma with ‘and’ this is totally wrong. You cannot use commas with and until and unless it is not necessary, according to the need of your text. Likewise, students made other mistakes that are useless and problematic.

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