Are Tests Like SAT And ACT Effective?

SAT Test
A test is a process to establish the quality, presentation and reliability. Basically, it is a measurement to check the quality and performance. In this argumentative essay, we will discuss that SAT and ACT test are helpful or not for the students. If you are incapable to write an essay about tests, then you can get help from the professional writers of dissertation writing services. There are many important and essential skills that must be taught to the students in order to increase their grades and improve their performance. However, many tests are not helpful for the students. Most teachers give tough assignments to the students, therefore, they are unable to manage her or her work.

According to the Harris, “Standardized test is not a total measure of student achievement, because, it only calculates the goals of education”. Tests are effective for the student in order to improve many skills such as creativity, motivation, persistence, curiosity, dependability, bravery, sympathy, sense-awareness, management, civic-mindedness, understanding, compassion and honesty. In common words, SAT and ACT tests are effective for the students, because, it’s an opportunity for the students to measure their quality and improve their position. If a student gets lower marks in the SAT tests, then he will be able to improve his position in the ACT test. Basically, it is a task that a student has to do in order to increase his or her performance. Basically, it gives all details about the student performance that will be helpful in the future.

Many high school students do not understand that test-optional schools are very good in order to increase their performance. In fact, in the United State a lot of schools, colleges and universities are test optional. According to the modern study, getting a high score on the SAT or ACT tests is not the sign to gain success in the class. In fact, most students can gain high school with a mediocre test. In 1930, the college League has developed SAT test in order to improve student’ performance. After many years, SAT test became a custom. SAT and ACT test is useful, because, it gets you an opportunity to find a job. In most countries, jobs are available at you SAT test performance. If you want to judge your ability, then you should take the SAT test.

To sum up, SAT and ACT tests grades are not signed that a student can gain success in the academic year or not. Many universities start to recognizing that additional test are very helpful for all the students. Nowadays, most colleges require a high SAT or ACT score to get in, but others are allowing significant things to come keen on the play. In conclusion, we can say that the SAT and ACT test is very effective for all the students. It helps them to judge their abilities and provide them with a method to improve their skills. In all the countries, these tests are required in order to gain a better job.

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