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Developing an Outline for PhD Dissertation

An outline is a very important part of PhD dissertation as no paper can be written without first understanding and creating an outline which explains what the paper is all about and how it should be written, what direction it should take and what meanings it should impart. There are many students who find writing dissertation outlines very hard because they do not know what they should write and how they should work on preparing an outline so that they could proceed with the actual paper.

Writing and dealing with dissertation outline involves two main features; the first one if the list of what the students want to do and secondly, the rough idea of what how the students want to say it. When they know both these things, it becomes easy for them to understand how they should go about planning their dissertation, what they should do in writing in their paper and how they should shape it up for better understand of the readers.

There are a number of things that students can do when they a…