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Friday, March 22, 2019

4 Tricks about Dissertation Writing You Wish You Knew Before

Dissertation Writing
Where you have previously written a dissertation or you are writing it for the first time, you should know that once you are done with the whole dissertation writing thing, there will be a point you will wish you knew these tricks before when you were writing a dissertation. Although research and writing and all the work involved in writing a dissertation varies from subject to subject and topic to topic, there are general standard things that remain the same. Such as, experts recommend that you pick an easy topic for your dissertation but at the same time you must make sure this isn’t something that has been written about before or someone is writing about it currently in your batch. The reason for that is very simple, you don’t want direct competition in your dissertation, naturally when someone else is writing about the same thing and let us suppose he did a great job at it and the examiners happen to see his work before yours, he has set a high standard for your work and the examiners need something flawless to give you marks now.

Below Are the 4 Tricks of Writing a Dissertation that You Must Know:
  • Read, research and write together. This sounds difficult and impossible to some extent but when you start doing it, you will know why it is recommended. One of the main reasons why you must do so is because you have to save time, the more time you save the better. If you successfully save time, you will have plenty of time in the end which can be used to proofread thoroughly. Also, you will not forget just about anything that you found interesting along the way because you are already writing.
  • Find a topic that is easy, you don’t have you impress anyone by choosing a difficult topic; you just have to find something that you can easily cover and something that you already know about. If you know the topic, you can cut down the research on the dissertation writing topic that you do in the beginning. You will know most steps of gathering data and you will do it all with much more ease. If in case you feel difficulties, you can take assistance from PhD dissertation writing services to do so.
  • When it comes to proofreading your dissertation, when you have done it yourself, give it to someone whom you think can give you a good feedback. Ask them what can change about this work, what they liked the most, if they think the research and analysis did justice to the topic etc. take their constructive feedback and make all the changes that you can.
  • When things are dark and you don’t feel like you can complete the work with ease, leave it all to an expert. When you don’t have the ability to deal with the pressure and it gives you stress and anxiety, you can’t write a dissertation on your own so hire dissertation writing help and still get a good result.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Easy Steps for Dissertation Writing Research

Dissertation Writing Research
When you start working on your dissertation writing, your first thought is towards the research. How to perform the research? Where to find the resources? Admittedly, it is a tough part of the dissertation, researching and sourcing of the research. But, it is not as tough as some other aspects of dissertation writing, and definitely not as tough as people make it out to be. Following are a few points to help you move in the right direction.
  • Start with yourself, your brain is the initial source of all the information that needs to be written. You have probably been studying the subject for some time now. So just brainstorm a little and come up with some ideas, and data. Realize how much you know about it first. And then write it down in notes so that they are easy to access and easy to understand while working on your dissertation.
  • After you’re done with the brainstorming, again sit down and make a plan about what places, other than the internet, that you need to visit. What libraries should be on your list, and whether you will need to visit other places as well, for example a monument, or a museum perhaps, to gather more information and content for your research? Either way just lists it down first and then makes a schedule to visit them every other day and continue your work. You can also take assistance from dissertation writing services UK to get ideas.
  • Now we come to online research, since you have already visited libraries, and personally know a little about the subject and topic for your dissertation writing, just list down a number of remaining things that you need to look up and head on towards the internet. Now this is a tricky part, make sure you do not use any details or information that hasn’t been verified by some authentic sources. It is very easy to be misguided while you’re researching from the internet. So what you need to do is stick to the known sources and the well known sites for all your online data needs. Do not wander too far from the first few pages of Google search.
  • Another excellent resource for data and content is reading past dissertations related to your subjects. Here you can find exactly what you’re looking for and about the exact or nearly the exact topic that you’re working on. The reason why it’s listed so down the line is that it is very tempting to just plagiarize from it instead of extracting information from it. So this needs to be very carefully managed. Other than that, there is no better source of information for your topic and subject at hand. You also get an idea about how to format your dissertation, so that’s a plus as well.
  • Now pool all your data in to one place and make a draft of your writing, it’s nothing final, it’s just to get an idea of how much research for your dissertation writing you have accumulated and if there are any missing bits and pieces.